The Nutribox

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Expertly designed by a nutritionist, each Nutribox is gluten-free and provides just the right balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat to reduce sugar cravings and help your employees feel fuller for longer. That can only be good news for productivity! It’s not just workplaces that can benefit, we deliver Nutriboxes to residential addresses too so you can order for yourself or as a gift.

Large box
Our large Nutribox includes a selection of dried fruit and nut mixes, veg crisps, fruit crisps, freeze-dried fruit, olives and healthy energy bars. A large Nutribox contains 40 individual snacks. Price: £40

Small box
Our small Nutriboxes include the same delicious, healthy snacks as our large box. A Small Nutribox contains 20 individual snacks. Price: £25

Slim box
Our slim Nutribox is the perfect personal snack box. It contains 10 of our favourite individual snacks from the wide range found in the larger boxes. This box fits through most letterboxes so it’s ideal for home deliveries. Price: £14

Naughty but Nice special edition
The devilish offspring of the otherwise strait-laced Nutribox family, our Naughty but Nice special edition box contains ten snacks for those with a sweeter tooth whilst still maintaining the overall Nutribox ethos of gluten-free and vegan healthier snacking. Price £17.50

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"The guys at Officedrop are always friendly and very flexible, we order the Nutribox, the fruit box and now the milk. They’ll need two vans soon!"