Tea and Coffee Delivery Service

Office tea and coffee

Can your office function without hot drinks? Ours neither! If you already have a milk order in place and your bulk order value is £150 or more, you can also take advantage of our tea and coffee delivery service.

Coffee is said to be the most popular beverage in the world, with an estimated 400 billion cups consumed annually. We certainly agree that the working day has started badly if the office hot drinks supplies cupboard is bare.

Worry not – our coffee delivery service ensures that never happens. We offer all the popular tea and coffee brands, like Tetley, PG Tips and Nescafe. Prefer decaf or hot chocolate? No problem. And don’t forget sugar and biscuits – we have those too.

Ordering your office tea and coffee delivery

With Officedrop, ordering a coffee delivery is refreshingly fast and straightforward. It’s a cinch to ensure your cupboards are always well stocked with everyone’s favourite hot drinks brands.

  • Your favourite brands delivered: including Nescafe, Tetley and PG Tips.
  • Many other products available: hot chocolate, sugar, biscuits and more.
  • Flexible, ad hoc ordering – simply order when you need replenishment.
  • Monthly invoicing.


If you have any questions, please complete our simple enquiry form or call us on 0333 358 3310. Once we understand your office delivery requirements, we’ll be able to quickly fulfil your order.

The benefits of our favourite drinks

For many, the working day only really gets going when the coffee is brewed, and the caffeine kicks-in. However, coffee offers much more than just a temporary energy boost.

Studies have shown that coffee’s high caffeine content can improve endurance and performance, and may even help protect against Type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. Now that’s a good excuse to brew another cup!

If your idea of a great brew is more of the tea variety, well, that has its own benefits. Green and black tea in particular are abundant in antioxidants and polyphenols – associated with a number of health benefits, and improved heart health properties. Tea is also low in sodium and calories (if you don’t add sugar) and bold in flavour, making it a good substitute for those accustomed to soft drinks and other sugary beverages.

Now’s the time to order your next tea and coffee delivery – and whilst you’re at it, put the kettle on.