AYEM® breakfast bowls*

AYEM® is a ready to enjoy, healthy breakfast bowl* full of the stuff your body** and mind*** loves. It’s about doing something good for yourself every day, so you can leap out of bed and dance to work – or just get that morning feel-good factor, which makes your day.

Available in three flavours: smooth almond blend, blueberry & almond, and pear, apple & almond.

Delivered by the case, each case has eight bowls:

1 case - £20
2 cases - £38
3 cases - £54
4 cases - £68
5 cases - £80


What’s in a bowl*?

15g Protein Mind the gap… the protein gap! Protein contributes to the maintenance of your muscle mass**, but we often don’t eat enough of it in the morning. AYEM® is here to help fill that protein gap.

250mg Omega 3 DHA

Including omega 3 DHA in our diets helps support all the normal, complicated and mysterious workings of our brains***. With 250mg of omega 3 DHA in every bowl*, AYEM® helps to show your brain some love*.

*As part of a balanced breakfast.
**Protein contributes to maintenance of muscle mass.
***DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA. One bowl contains 250mg of DHA.