Healthy Workplace

Why promote healthy eating at work?

Company benefits – productivity and performance

Workplace health promotion is important for the wellbeing of your employees. However, it can also give productivity levels a boost too. Apart from being lower in calories than the usual office snack, fruit and eating healthy at work impacts positively on business performance.

  • A study carried out by health and wellbeing consultancy vielife proved that a healthy employee is up to 20% more productive than an unhealthy employee. Healthy employees therefore equal a healthy bottom line
  • Employees who look after their weight report less sickness absence than those classed as obese, which means lower costs associated with illness and absence from work
  • Providing free fruit shows you care about the health of your staff, who in turn feel more appreciated and motivated
  • The natural sugars in fruit allows us to think faster and remain alert longer, which means no more afternoon slumps in energy and fuzzy brains

Employee benefits – your health

We spend up to 60% of our waking hours at work so need to eat 3 of our 5 a day at work. Healthy eating in the workplace can also help employees be happier at work.

  • Eating more fruit and veg is the second most important cancer prevention strategy after giving up smoking
  • For each portion of fruit eaten, there is up to a 40% greater level of protection against having a stroke
  • Having fruit at work means we are more likely to reach for a banana than something unhealthy and fattening from the vending machine

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