Office Snack Deliveries

Snack Boxes & Healthy Workplaces

Similar to our fruit offering, our snack boxes are formulated to aid a balanced diet and keep employees happy and productive. Healthy snacks carefully selected by nutritionists provide the perfect mix of carbohydrate, protein and fat to eradicate hunger for longer. All Nutribox snacks are gluten free.


Choose your snack box

Expertly designed by a nutritionist, each Nutribox is gluten-free and provides just the right balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat to reduce sugar cravings and help your employees feel fuller for longer. That can only be good news for productivity! It’s not just workplaces that can benefit, we deliver Nutriboxes to residential addresses too so you can order for yourself or as a gift.

Small box
Our small Nutribox includes a selection of dried fruit and nut mixes, veg crisps, fruit crisps, freeze dried fruit, olives and healthy energy bars. A small Nutribox contains 20 individual snacks.

1 box – £25
2 boxes – £48
3 boxes – £70
4 boxes – £90
5 boxes – £110

Large box
Our large Nutriboxes include the same delicious, healthy snacks as our small boxes but you get twice as much – so 40 individual snacks per box.

1 box – £40
2 boxes – £75
3 boxes – £108
4 boxes – £140
5 boxes – £172